PPApi R&D Test Tool

This tool and the code behind it is NOT ready for production use. It is ONLY for research and testing the Price Paid API in development. All functionality and views featured on this page are based on a single table, with the standard fields provided in the original Land Registry CSV, as described below.

Price Paid Data Definitions

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Data Item Explanation (where appropriate)
Transaction unique identifier A reference number which is generated automatically recording each published sale. The number is unique and will change each time a sale is recorded.
Price Sale price stated on the transfer deed.
Date of Transfer Date when the sale was completed, as stated on the transfer deed.
Property Type D = Detached, S = Semi-Detached, T = Terraced, F = Flats/Maisonettes
Old/New Y = a newly built property, N = an established residential building
Duration Relates to the tenure: F = Freehold, L-Leasehold etc.
PAON Primary Addressable Object Name. If there is a sub-building for example the building is divided into flats, see Secondary Addressable Object Name (SAON).
SAON Secondary Addressable Object Name. If there is a sub-building, for example the building is divided into flats, there will be a SAON.
Record Status - monthly file only Indicates additions, changes and deletions to the records.(please see guide below).

Basic TOWNS list

The "Towns" select list control below uses a "get me all DISTINCT town/city names from the price paid table" method. This method is a fundamental part of the planned api, and will form part of the mechanisms that will allow end-users to query the table easily, by providing lists, autocompletes and more...

This list of letters queries the table with "get me all the towns that begin with LETTER".